Candied lemons can easily be purchased at a supermarket near you, but it's just as easy to make them yourself at home.
First you need a bottle of Arom olive oil and some ripe lemons. Spices such as salt, pepper and cardamom can be added to suit personal taste.
Once you have all your ingredients on hand, all that's left to do is get to work on making candied lemons that can enhance a multitude of meals.
To begin, we need to bathe our lemons (well washed) in boiling water for 15 minutes. Next, cut the lemons lengthwise into wedges, making sure not to separate them from the base. Place the lemons in a container where they are well compacted and sprinkle the inside generously with salt. Then let them rest in the airtight container for 48 hours. Finally, separate the quarters and remove the seeds. You can place the pieces in a Masson jar, add the spices of your choice and fill the glass with heated, but not boiling, olive oil.
Your preserved lemons will be good for up to two months if kept cool in the refrigerator.